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White House freezes recent draconian immigration rules

The White House has issued a memorandum asking federal agencies to pause the regulatory process for 60 days (through March 21), to enable the Biden administration to review the proposed rules of the previous government. Rules that have been published or issued, but have not yet taken effect, will be covered by this freeze period, …

Meet the Bidens: America’s new ‘first family’

President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill will become the new White House residents when he takes office on Wednesday. Biden has made his family a major focus throughout his career, and his 2020 presidential campaign thrust them fully into the spotlight — with some members causing controversy but others breaking barriers.

Trump finally concedes – amid talk of ouster from office

With 13 days left in his term, President Donald Trump finally bent to reality on Thursday amid growing talk of trying to force him out early, acknowledging he’ll peacefully leave after Congress affirmed his defeat. Trump led off a video from the White House by condemning the violence carried out in his name a day …

Trump calls on Pence to subvert election

Pledging that he would “fight like hell” to remain in the White House, a desperate US President Donald Trump called on his vice-president Mike Pence to “come through” to illegally award him a second term, even as his supporters began descending on the capital on Tuesday for rallies authorities fear will be provocative and violent.

Trump’s final days of rage and denial

Over the past week, President Donald Trump posted or reposted more than 135 messages on Twitter lashing out at the results of an election he lost. He mentioned the pandemic— just to assert that he was right and the experts were wrong. The final days of the Trump presidency have taken on the stormy elements …