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New York crime rising, police say

Police said Wednesday murders went up 34 percent on-year in the first eight months of 2020 in the Democratic-run metropolis, which is grappling with the coronavirus crisis and resulting budget gaps, reduced services and widespread unemployment.

Soulja Boy – Slide Lyrics

Cryst Gang, gang Scared nigga you know what the f*ck, nigga Whole lotta pistols, nigga Slavery You know what I’m sayin’? Man, too many, man Soulja, aye Call all my niggas we ride, I got them shooters, yeah They post on the outside (Outside), Forgiato’s on my tires, yeah We gonna slide (Slide), all of …

Kid Astronaut – Wavesss Lyrics (feat. Ab Rule & Jay Triiiple)

Hook (Kid Astronaut) Waves like California We just left the party We’re just tryna’ kick it Not f*ck with nobody Living for the moment Just having a good time Celebrating our lives Celebrating all night And it’s Verse One (Ab-Rule) I touched down in LA just to party I’m ridin’ round dirty We dodging authorities Cause it’s seeming like the majority Has got a …

Coronavirus: US adds 305 more Covid deaths

The US remains the country hardest-hit by the pandemic, with 119,959 deaths out of 2,278,373 official cases. Some 20 states have seen a rebound in infections, as the epicenter of the country’s outbreak has moved southwest from New York and the country’s Northeast.

New York governor ends daily briefings, claims success

New York governor Andrew Cuomo wrapped up a string of more than 100 daily briefings that had become appointment viewing around the nation by declaring that the state has “done the impossible” in taming the coronavirus. The Democratic governor appeared alone behind his desk Friday during a brief address, a departure from his routine of …