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Trump, Modi relationship incredible, says Donald Trump Jr

Speaking to ANI on the sidelines of an event in Long Island, New York on Sunday, Trump Jr. reminisced Donald Trump’s February visit to India, saying the reception his father received in India was “absolutely overwhelming”. “I think the relationship of my father President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is incredible,” he said.

US happy to help in China-India border dispute, says Trump

The United States is ready to help resolve the dispute between India and China over the mountain border running through the western Himalayas, President Donald Trump said on Friday. Trump told reporters the situation was “very nasty,” adding that the two countries were “going at it much more strongly than a lot of people even …

Trump appreciates India for releasing American pastor

US President Donald Trump has appreciated India for listening to his request to release an American pastor who was arrested last October on charges of carrying $40,000 of undeclared currency. Tennessee pastor Bryan Nerren, following his release, attended a round table with the President along with several other American citizens who were released from overseas …