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Zuckerberg ‘confident’ Facebook can stop US election interference

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday he was “pretty confident” his company could help prevent attempts to influence the political outcome of the US presidential election later this year. Zuckerberg has said that FB was better prepared to counter online misinformation campaigns but admitted it was “behind” during the 2016 election which Donald Trump won.

US to donate ventilators to India, says Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has announced that the US will donate ventilators to India, moments after he underlined the close partnership between the two countries and called PM Modi his “good friend”. At Trump’s request, India had last month allowed the export of 50 million hydroxychloroquine tablets to treat Covid-19 patients in America, worst-hit by the …

Donald Trump accuses Democrats of reopening US states too slowly

President Donald Trump accused Democrats on Monday of moving to reopen states from coronavirus lockdown measures too slowly for political advantage, without providing evidence to support his claim, as the virus has killed more than 80,000 people in the United States. Trump has encouraged states to ease restrictions designed to mitigate the spread of the …

Donald Trump ignored 12 warnings issued by CIA about coronavirus

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had issued at least 12 warnings to US President Donald Trump about the spread of the coronavirus in China and its implications for the US; warnings which Trump ignored and subsequently the pandemic gripped the US. President’s Daily Brief in Jan & Feb had repeatedly conveyed warnings which Trump ignored, …

Donald Trump says he is temporarily suspending immigration

US President Donald Trump announced on Monday night that he will sign an executive order to “temporarily suspend” immigration into the United States. The announcement also threw into turmoil the already-fraught careers and lives of more than three million guest workers and students – nearly a million from India — with its vague opacity.