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Trump testing positive for Covid-19, a warning sign for Beijing

US media wrote, Beijing has good reason to be nervous about Trump’s diagnosis. Chinese media and top officials have long complained about being “scapegoated” for the pandemic’s effects in the US, and Beijing is decidedly unhappy with being a major topic in the US election. Trump could now take an even harder line on China, …

Trump wants fair and balanced relationship with China: Pompeo

US President Donald Trump wants a relationship with China that is fair and balanced and where one nation does not threaten another, or another set of countries’ livelihoods, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said, asserting that it is “imperative” to flip the nature of the ties with Beijing to get on equal footing.

Amid LAC row, US calls on China to stop ‘bullying neighbours’

The US on Wednesday slammed China for engaging in a “clear & intensifying pattern of bullying its neighbors” amid renewed Chinese incursions into India, while demanding that Beijing also enter into a dialogue with the Dalai Lama. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo signaled a toughening of the Trump administration’s stand on China’s growing depredations …

China sanctions 11 US politicians, heads of organizations

China has announced unspecified sanctions against 11 U.S. politicians and heads of organizations promoting democratic causes, including Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who have already been singled out by Beijing. Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Monday said the 11 had “performed badly” on issues concerning Hong Kong, where China has cracked down on …

Manchurian Candidate v Siberian Nominee: US intel says Moscow against Biden, Beijing against Trump

American voters face a choice between a Manchurian candidate & a Siberian nominee in the 2020 Presidential election, going by an expansive interpretation of official US intelligence assessment. In an extraordinary disclosure, a top US intelligence official said on record that China would prefer to see Donald Trump lose the election, while Russia is inimical …

US imposes sanctions on Chinese company over abuse of Uighurs

The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on a powerful Chinese company in the Xinjiang province and two officials for what it said were human rights abuses against Uighurs and other ethnic minorities. The move, the latest blow to US-China relations, came a week after US President Donald Trump closed the Chinese consulate in Houston, …

US sanctions Chinese companies over Muslim abuse complaints

The US government has imposed trade sanctions on 11 companies it says are implicated in human rights abuses in China’s Muslim northwestern region of Xinjiang. Monday’s announcement adds to US pressure on Beijing over Xinjiang, where the ruling Communist Party is accused of mass detentions, forced labor and other abuses against Muslim minorities.

US Rejects Beijing’s Claims In South China Sea

In a tough response to China’s growing aggression in the Indo-Pacific region, the Trump administration on Tuesday bluntly stated that Beijing’s “predatory world view has no place in the 21st century”, while rejecting its claims to offshore resources in the South China Sea and its depredations beyond it.

US calls China the new East India Company at sea

Assistant secretary of state David Stilwell on Tuesday likened China’s state enterprises to Britain’s colonizing East India Company as Washington takes a tougher stance against Beijing in the dispute-rife South China Sea. “In all our societies, citizens deserve to know the differences between commercial enterprises and instruments of foreign state power,” he said.