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US case of monkeypox reported in Massachusetts man

Massachusetts on Wednesday reported a rare case of monkeypox in a man who recently traveled to Canada, and health officials are looking into whether it is connected to small outbreaks in Europe. The US case poses no risk to the public, and the Massachusetts resident is hospitalized but in good condition, officials said.

Biden visits Japan, South Korea carrying warning to China

Biden departs for the five day trip on Thursday, after spending several months organizing allies to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow calls a “special operation.” He meets new South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol in Seoul and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo, leaders who share anxieties about North Korea and …

USA inches up to ranks first on the Financial Secrecy Index

The United States of America (USA) has climbed from the second rank held by it two years ago to top the list of countries in the Financial Secrecy Index (FSI-2022), which was released today. According to Tax Justice Network (TJN), which issues this bi-annual index, the USA dramatically expanded the gulf between itself and the …